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In this section Students can know about their;  assigned work or project used to determine academic credit, including (but not limited to) an examination, writing project,  any competition, activity, or project recommended by the C.B.S.E. board  in which the student participates for the purpose of gaining an academic advantage.

Sunbeam Jaunpur - Event-27 July-2022
The Investiture Ceremony 2022 - 23 Held at School
“A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”. The Investiture Ceremony of...
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Monitor’s Investiture Ceremony
Monitor’s Investiture Ceremony@ Sunbeam School Jaunpur Monitor’s Investiture Ceremony was organized...
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Annual Ceremony "PROTSAHAN"
“PROTSAHAN” the Annual Prize Ceremony @Sunbeam School Jaunpur Sunbeam School Jaunpur held...
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Farewell Ceremony of Class 12
Farewell Ceremony For Class 12 @ Sunbeam School Jaunpur Sunbeam School, Jaunpur hosted a farewell...
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Creepy Crawlies Activity - KG Section
Empowering Activity Based Learning @ Sunbeam School; Jaunpur Much awaited Creepy Crawlies Activity...
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