We aim to put our children at the center of their own learning and place great emphasis on nurturing skills and attitudes such as resourcefulness, resilience and co-operation.

We inco1rporate the theory of Multiple Intelligence to give each child an opportunity to learn the way he wants to and this has really enhanced are academic delivery system.

No examinations for our KG section and instead we follow the Comprehensive Continuous Evaluation Pattern. This reduces mental strain on both the child as well as the parents.

The medium of instruction is English and the school will eventually provide education to both boys and girls for a 12-year course.



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About Us

Affiliation – 2013
Aff. Code – 2131710 & School No. – 70636
Class – PG to XII

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  • Sunbeam School Jaunpur
    Address – 7 Km. Mile Stone, Lucknow Road, Kulhanamau, Jaunpur
  • Phone: 7068452854, 9721452855